Blessed by the Natural Sounds of Hatsukawa River
The Scent of the Ocean and Abundant Hot Springs

Atami has long been popular as a place to refresh your body by bathing in its waters.
All our guest rooms come with open-air hot-spring baths.

image:hot spring

Hotspring Information

Hot spring name Atami Hot Spring - Atami No. 47
Spring type Calcium-sodium-sulfate-chloride spring
Water color Clear
Discharge rate 82 liters/minute
Effective for Nervous disorders, muscle pain, joint pain, shoulder stiffness, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruises, sprains, chronic gastroenterological disease, hemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold, fatigue, cuts, burns, chronic skin disease, chronic gynecological disease, and promoting general health
Contraindicated for Acute illness, active tuberculosis, malignant tumors, severe heart disorder, respiratory failure, renal failure, bleeding disorder, severe anemia, hypertension, early-stage pregnancy, late-stage pregnancy