FUFU's chefs carefully take advantage of the characteristics of the freshest local seafood and other seasonal ingredients.
Authentic Japanese Kaiseki, Teppanyaki with a lively atmosphere, and Sushi Kappou using local seafood.
Each building wing of the hotel offers a different culinary experience.
Seating is also designed to maintain privacy during mealtime.
We invite you to immerse yourself in the nature of Atami and experience a moment rich in flavor.
Our culinary prowess will help create just such a moment.

Sushi Kappou Umi No Yuha

Restaurant of Konoma No Tsuki
- Sushi Kappou Umi No Yuha

Dinner (Sushi Kappou course)

The full course of Japanese Cuisine including Sushi. A variety of wines and sake are available to accompany your meal.

Time 18:00 - 20:30 (Last starting time)
Breakfast (Japanese-style)

Japanese-style breakfast including freshly cooked rice, dried fish, hot-rolled egg, etc.

Time 8:00 - 10:00 (Last starting time)

*if you have any allergies or dislikes, please let us know when you make your reservation.


DINNER Sushi Kappou
DINNER Sushi Kappou
DINNER Sushi Kappou
DINNER Sushi Kappou
DINNER Sushi Kappou

The restaurant offers a combination of Japanese cuisine and sushi,
where you can savor the taste of Atami with all your senses and enjoy small bowls and sushi in a live atmosphere.


Enjoy freshly cooked rice with dried fish from Atami and hot-rolled egg.